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The Earth is Changing

Updated: May 18, 2021

30-08-2013: 11.50 pm

The Earth will perform work of consciousness up until 3.000, through the human beings; by living on this Earth this will be completed.

Your Work is for the people to evolve into conscious souls, so that with the will of their souls, they can inhabit the Earth in its new dimension.

The new souls that will be descending for the next 50 years will purify guilt and feelings and those that will come after them will advocate the True Reality of the New Earth. The people who will leave the Earth, will be those who will not endure and have already begun to extinguish the light of their soul.

The fire that has lit from the Sky, is a process which started 7 days ago and is coming down to you to show you the way. Its purpose is to illuminate the truth and your reality; that there is a soul, spirit - life - flesh. Betraying these, you remove your energy from the Earth.

This is what you will teach the people so they would feel who they are and what is the reason of their existence on Earth.

The illusion that “I come, I live and die” is over.

Ask to see and to feel, without fear and passion, the truth of yourself. This will be said, so that they would see the reality and experience the essence of love and not the illusion of the word of love.

Love as yourself.

He who saves himself is saved.

As a figure of speech, this scares; yet as a sense, it leads to the truth and gives another dimension to the real self. The mind as power is decreased and the power of the soul is strengthened inside the matter of the body and upgrades people and their living souls in the House of God as worthy children of him.

The definition of truth is set into the mind as an illusion. The new reality gives evidence and sense so that they would walk their path and appraise themselves on Earth.

Define the prayer’s process and let the Teacher give them energy and light to senses and to ask with their soul and receive realities.

As this enlightens the Truth of the Soul, save thy self and live it.



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