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The Hidden Intention behind my every action creates my Reality.

Updated: May 21, 2021

Excerpt from my teaching on December 18, 2013.

Two people will plant two identical seeds in the same soil, in the same way. From an outside-look the action is the same.

One seed will bloom and the other will wither.

Two servants. They both serve. Lord gives the Gift to the one; the other receives nothing. And of course, he who receives nothing, goes to the Lord to complain and says: “Lord, I did exactly the same things. I serve You as he does. Why do you not give me a gift?"

The answer is simple: "Because you didn’t have the same Intention".

There is always an Intention behind your actions. In everything.

This may give an explanation why a business will be lost, a relationship will break up, an accident will happen… Two identical stores in the same area offer the same product: one goes well, the other does not. Identical actions - a different result. Why? Because the reason behind the action is different.

The Fruits resulted from an Act, depend on the Intention you invest while you are doing it…

The question is: Are you ready to see your Intentions?

- Why will one seed bloom, and the other shall wither? The one will bloom because he who put it in the soil gave to the seed… And the other will wither because he who put it in the soil took from it.

The Seed of the first sower receives strength and love, and blooms. The Seed of the second sower deprived from the ability to bloom withers because when planted, the sower had an expectation to receive back from it.

So, the underlying Intention in Actions is whether I want to "give" or "to take"

The Intention has sharing and giftedness, when giving comes from the inside; not when it comes from the outside. Because from the outside, the one who gives with love and the one who gives with expectation, appear to do the same thing. He who truly gives has no expectation. He who gives in order to receive, has expectation and constantly needs to control the Result.

They both do an Act of Love, but one gives Love, and the other expects to receive Love. He who expects, will remain hungry. He who gives will always have something to eat.

So, my Intention differs from whether I want to receive or to take; for him the Seed will not grow.

The one who gives is King. The one who asks to receive is a Beggar.

This is what the Lord meant when he said, "As King you will pass into the Kingdom of Heaven." It means that a King has and gives. The Beggar acts the same as the King but he expects to receive.

So, you need to see whether you are Beggars or Kings… When you give with the intention of receiving, you are Beggars.

And beware - I am not talking about everyday life - I am talking about the Inner Intention. You may do Acts of Love, with the Intention to "indebted" the other, and although this is invisible, the other person feels that there is "a debt”. If he is a weak character, and this penetrates either his mind or his Grid, he will feel guilty. He will not be able to understand why he cannot feel any joy while you gave him a gift. Why he feels bad, while you just kissed him…

- But I do everything perfectly. Just like you told me ..!

- Yes, but with what Intention? …

If someone tells you that your actions are selfish, it is not so pleasant…

A person of this category, if he wants (for example) to be a "Leader", he will choose a profession to give him recognition and power: a doctor, a police officer, a judge, and through the alleged “offering" he will receive respect.

Teaching children may conceal a hidden expectation for their admiration or respect. Wanting to be a therapist may cloak an expectation of strength.

Two teachers are teaching. The same material. In the same way. The first teacher’s children shall learn. The other children will probably forget what they already know. The reason? The one teacher gives - the other takes. The children of the first teacher after an hour of class are full of energy, while the children of the second want to go to bed. From outside, both teachers teach.

Two surgeons. If the patient goes to the one who is a giving person he will be cured. If he goes to the other who has expectation, he will die. Why? Because what heals is the Intention. What kills is the Intention.

Intention states a Truth. And it is not always pleasant to emerge. That is why we are hiding behind "labels".

It would be more honest to say to your husband "I stay with you because I'm afraid" than to say "I stay with you because I love you". You stay with him in both cases. One has the Truth - the other is a Lie. Different intention. So, if we ask today for your Intentions to be revealed, we will have a problem.

God "as a punisher” in our minds, does not "punish" the act, he "punishes" the intention. And of course, he does not actually "punish", but because he knows your Inner Intention, he simply confirms it. He honors it…

For example: You may row your boat to cross the river (to make a change) while your Inner Intention is not to move the boat (not to change anything). God will confirm your Intention - your boat will not move, not even for a mile.

-"But I am rowing" you say

- “Yet your Intention is not to move the Boat….

- "What else should I do? I have done everything…!!!

- “What is your Intention”?

- "But I'm looking for a job!!"

- “Yet you do not want to work. You want to pretend that you want to find a job. If your intention was to work, that would have happened”.

God honors the Intention. Intention is Psych Energy. So, when something that you want does not happen, it means that your intention was not to happen… And you say: "I did everything".

What you need to see is the Intention behind your Acts… But do you want to see it? Are you ready; Or do you want to play with your mind? What is your Intention? Can you confess it? Start with the simple things.

You say: "I don’t have a relationship. Why can’t I have one?”

- “Because the Inner Intention is that you want to be alone. You drive people away before they come. As soon as they come close to a meter, they leave”.

So that you’ll have the excuse to say: “I do everything right, but men are to blame. Life is to blame. God is to blame; the Punisher, the Judge". This is the Intention…

And God says: “I do not care what you do. I care for the intention you put in your Actions».

How nicely the Lord put it:" Do you betray your Lord with a Kiss??? "… Couldn't he just point Him out with his hand? Why did he had to kiss him? Why did he choose to betray Love with a Kiss?

Because that was Betrayal in Action. Behind his Kiss (an act of Love), was hidden the Intention of Non-Love; the whole Betrayal hidden.

If we could take a picture of that Moment, without any other reference and showed it to someone, he would say: "He loves him".

- “How do you know that?”

- "Because he is kissing him… !!!"

- “He betrays him as we speak…”

- "The picture says otherwise ..."

All the married couples have wedding pictures. From the outside everything looks perfect: smiling, happy. Of course, if you look closely in their eyes, the expressions, the posture, you will understand the Intention… You will probably see Fear. You will see Possessiveness. The Cold…

If you are a bit more observant, you will see more. Where dad and mom are sited? It's the intention that counts. The Intention is: "I’m not giving her to you. She's mine". Dad will sit next to the Bride." You have never married her; she will always belong to me ".

Intention matters. How can you tell the Intention? - I feel it…

It is very important to start feeling the Intention behind your Actions, because this will set you free…

Do not ask: "Why does not my Seed blooms?" (My Life, My Child, My Heart, etc.) Ask Yourself: "What is the Hidden Intention?" And then feel…

All the actions of your life, on an unconscious level, had Intention. You can see it if you want. But do not be fooled:

• Either you want to give; and you take the responsibility of where you shall give it, because just because you have Love to give does not mean that you will give it to everyone. If the other person is constantly taking it and scatters it away, it is your responsibility where you place your Psych Energy… Do not throw it away. Give it wisely.

• Or you want to take. You may say and show Love, while your Intention involves expectation, need, or fear. You may give and expect "in return" or your Intention may conceal exploitation: "You drink" to exploit… You will always be thirsty… And the Seed will drain…

Why am I saying this today?

Because as from 1/1/2014, the Intention will be manifested instantly…

- What do you mean?

I mean that, from the New Year the Vibration will shift level, and if so far the Intention of an action would take - say two months - to manifest its energy to us, now this will happen instantly.

Someone kicked a dog two months ago; today, another dog bit him (that is, he experienced the result of his intention to do harm). From 1/1/2014, whoever "kicks a dog", he will experience the result of his intention at once.

- Why?

Because until now we "reaped what we sowed" with time delay ... But the closer the Light comes to Earth, the faster the Seeds will manifest. The more Light, the higher the speed of manifestation.

From the New Year the Intention will be manifested instantly: Action - Intention - Result…

When a politician cheats on Monday - Tuesday he will have the Results of his Cheating… We will not wait for ten governments.

If you tell a Lie on Tuesday, Wednesday you will "reap" it.

2014 = 7 (seven) - we will have Revelations with storm speed. This will be a Year of Complete Deconstruction. Anything Fake will fall.

So it is very important to deal with your Intentions - 15 days before 2014. Make Choices Based on your Intentions.

All you have sown all these years - you will reap in 2014. All of them !!! All the "weeds" you need to clean up will come out. Anyone who does not choose to clean them up - will be drown in them. The Idiot will hear this with Fear. There is no trace of Fear. Reality has no Fear. It has consequences. It has Choices.

Did you make your Choice? You shall receive. Choice and Price. You will no longer be able to fool around - enough with fooling around.

You will be amazed at the speeds. The Lord is coming. The Light will complete His Arrival at Easter 2015.

That is all from me…


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