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Tehran • December 25, 2014

Updated: May 21, 2021

We went to Tehran with the instructions to release the women of wearing the headscarf that covers their Wisdom, and to give the order for Mecca to fall. This surprised us, because Mecca is located in the United Arab Emirates.

However, we were guided to a monastery, where they greeted us and welcomed us with a myth…

When our guide went to this monastery outside Tehran, without knowing the purpose of our visit, he told us the myth of two people in white that would come to the monastery to bless it. The monastery was built by someone who saw a vision by which he was led to the desert and found a large chest with pounds. He was told "you will take this money and build a Temple and when mankind is ready, two in white will come to bless it".

So, when we entered the monastery, we were preceded by three nuns who were in the circle of the Holly Mother; they recognized Christina and hugged her. Then one of them, without us telling her anything, led us to a crypt where there was a well. This well, she said, is so deep that under the desert is joined with Mecca. Then, we sat on the edge of the well and ordered the demolition of Mecca which symbolizes the demolition of religions.

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