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David Christina Teaching

Our teachings take place in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities in Greece.

Whenever necessary, depending on our Work, teachings are also held in cities outside Greece.

Every Sunday, regardless of the day or holiday, the teachings take place in our premises in Athens. Every 15 days on Saturday, the teachings take place in our premises in Thessaloniki.


Those who want, may attend in-person to hear and experience live the Teaching of David and the Word of Christina.

During a teaching, in addition to the realizations that may occur to someone, the energy grounded is such that can vibrate the body and heal in great depth.


It is an experience that you can feel without being able to explain it with your mind.


The Teachings are open to the public for a fee; and at the same time they are broadcasted live through our Facebook page and our Youtube Channel.

All our Teachings are available on our Youtube channel and all our other resources here.


During my sessions with people, I can stop someone’s mind from taking away his power.

I listen to the people and I remove their fear.

Then, I see the denial.

I look for the point from where he was lost, and step by step, I give him one positivity at a time to acknowledge his denial.

When it is needed, I block his way to prevent a catastrophic mistake in which his Mind leads him.

I cleanse his Being to guide him to see his fear of what he wants.

I teach him his feelings and his emotions and place him on a conscious path.

I see his Soul and his past lives.

I see the commitments that his soul has and I can release him.

I can see if his Soul chooses to leave the body.

And many more that spontaneously happen in the moment.


During the sessions held at my office, I can feel the experiential level of a person.

I see the actual Moments of his life in which the denials of him Self have occurred.

I see the dead-end in which his Mind has brought him and I remove the obstacles posed in front of him so that he can breathe.

I remove from his essence the infection that has accumulated from the wrong choices and I show him the Way to walk from the Darkness into the Light. 

I guide him to the awareness of his emotions and how to let them go, making room in his body for him to start Living. 

I have the power to take people’s pain and to give them, through their will, that which they need.

I remove the addictions and the part of their Mind that leads them to these addictions.

During a session, everything that someone needs to see, experience, recognise and accept, are revealed as occurrences at certain moments.

I remove what they hold and cannot let go; and I guide them to start feeling and sensing their own Truth.

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