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In our Work there are two paths.

The one - Christina’s path – is:

To ground on Earth the Divine word.

To deliver messages and changes on Earth, for the people and the souls to hear and see.

Along her path, was to ground Jason's energy for the healing of human emotions. She grounded his Spirit.

With the birth of Jason’s Spirit, the change of the Earth began on 25/3/2016.

The other path, is David’s path who grounds the acceptance of human denials and anti-actions.

He teaches people to recognize their denials.

He removes their hypnosis and guides them to the awakening of the Senses.

In relation to his own walking of his path, people and the Earth may leave a part of their denial and receive positivity.


Our Task is to guide people in acknowledging their denial.


In the awareness of their senses and feelings.


In the consciousness of their existence.


In the Truth of their life’s Reason.

On our path on Earth.

Ο Δαυίδ διδάσκει
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