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Soul - The Immortal Water

Updated: May 20, 2021

From the Teaching of Wednesday, December 11, 2013.

Excerpt from my teaching on 11/12/2013 on the subject: Soul - The Immortal Water.

Think of a good quality you have and a bad one.

Keep what you thought, we will need it along the way.

I will tell you what will happen from now on.

From now on, the War will begin.

As long as the Work that takes place in here spreads, and as long as the Truth that unfolds comes out - it will bother…

I do not tell you this because I have information. I have not.

I'm telling you this through my Sense.

If you have solid bases, the pressure and the vibrations will not touch you.

But let's take a closer look into it….

Know this: when something is not true, it does not bother. Thus there is no reason to fight it.

You usually fight the Truth, not the Lie.

A Lie makes a deal with a Lie, and they get married: Lie with Lie, do not bother each other.

What you believe about yourself is purely mental. Your opinion of yourself is a product of thought.

That is why you can characterize it.

In the higher levels you cannot put a "label": I am good or I am bad, I am strong or I am weak, I am a liar or I am honest.

Because at the higher levels there is no second choice, only one: to be true.

When I am true, I express my Truth at all times.

Someone "from the outside" may judge this Truth with their Mind: "good or bad".

But if it is true, it has no label.

So when I want to characterize something, I need to resort to my Mind and borrow characterizations from there.

Everything you borrow from your mind is an Illusion. It's a record which you either fight or you have accepted - but it's a record.

So when we are born we usually experience what we are not.

If for example I have Wisdom I will experience Stupidity, if I have Strength I will experience Weakness, if I have Love I will experience Guilt. The reason I will experience the opposite is because I need to transform what I am not into what I am…

So suppose I am young and I have power but from the system (the environment I grow up in) I do not receive it back thus I experience weakness, then I must create the Power in my mind.

If I live in an environment that does not love me, I must imagine Love.

If I am in an environment that does not respect me, I should imagine Respect.

This means that when we need something and we cannot find it, we imagine it.

Imagination is like being thirsty, and you think with your Mind that you hold a flask with Water and you can quench your thirst.

You do not have a flask, yet you think you do.

Only by thinking that you are holding it, you believe that you have quench your thirst.

So whatever you have in mind is a substitute for what you need.

Now imagine that you hold this imaginary flask that quenches your thirst, and I come and take it off your hands… !!!

That is to tell you:

“You know? You hold nothing. Your hands are empty. There is no flask. "

You will lynch me.

You will fight to convince me that the flask is real!

It is very difficult for me to break your Illusion, because the Illusion is your creation.

If you hold a real flask, and I try to take it from you - you may let it go...

Because it's real… and you know that if you lose it, you could get another.

But if I attempt to take the imaginary - you will kill me…

Because there is no other like it .. !!!

It is made from you, by your Expectation. It's unique… Non-existent - but unique.

That is why you can let go of the real things - but not the imaginary ones.

Think, why was Jesus crucified?

Did he take anything real from anyone? Did he take any field? Any property? Did he take any money?


What he wanted to take was the Illusion.

The "flask" of the Pharisees: that they are the Children of God and they serve Him ..

Completely illusional.

He was crucified…

If I say “you do not love" while you imagine that you love - you will kill me…

If you imagine that you are weak, and I tell you to give me your Weakness - you will kill me ..

-"It's all in your mind .. Give it to me".

- “No, it suits me. I made it to serve me "..

- " But you don't need it, you are Strong "

You will kill me…

Even if I tell you:

-" I can show you that you do not hold anything in your hands. It's very simple. I’ll just clear your Vision a bit. Would you like that? You will say “No”.

Oblivion has its Charm, because in there you can create anything you want, as you want it. You make it yourself as you wish, exactly as you like it...

You live with a man who doesn't love you (this is the reality) and in your mind you make it seem as you want it, you justify it as you want, you explain it as you want.

You fabricate a love where it does not exist… A visionary interest where it does not exist.

If I come to you and say: "Your husband does not love you"

You will say: "He wants to separate us"

If you allow me to take the "illusion" from your hands, then you will probably experience the first stage of Denial and Anger.

It does not matter if this is good or bad for you ..

You say: "No. I have made it exactly as I want it. In no way am I going to give it to you”, and you will attack me. In any way you can. If you have no reason, you will find one: you will not like my hair, my height, the way I speak, what I say… anything… it doesn’t matter what, as long as you attack, defend…

Now, if your Love for the Illusion is so big, you will leave running ..

But if the Illusion can no longer quench your thirst - that is, if you still hold the flask but you do not feel the "water" - then you will come to me to fill your imaginary flask!

We now enter the second stage of Expectation.

You say to the Teacher: "I am holding an imaginary flask, can you fill it with" water " (that is, with lies)?".

If I say "yes", we are both misled: I believe that I give you water and you believe that you quench your thirst. For a while we are both fine.

After a while (because you are still thirsty) you will either come again or you shall go to someone else.

If at some point you find a Real Teacher, he will tell you:

"I will not fill your flask - I will take it from you, because it does not exist"

Then you may enter the third stage, the Negotiation.

You say: "Fine, if I give you the flask, what will you give me to hold? "

You still want to hold something Fake.

A fake "teacher" would tell you: "Your flask was to blame, it was no good. Get another »

Oh well, my friend was to blame, I will find another one.

Christianity was to blame; I will go to Buddhism.

That "political party" was to blame, I will vote another…

If you continue the quest and you cannot quench your thirst, at some point you wonder:

"What if I’m not holding a flask after all? What if all this is in my imagination? "

"What if I don’t have what I thought as positive, or as negative” Could that be true?

"What if I am honest, but I lie?”, “What if I am strong yet I look weak?” “What if I imagine things where they do not exist?”. Could that be true?

At that moment you are scared!

In this fourth stage, you can see the Illusion and you experience Fear.

You have realized that there is no flask, but it doesn’t mean that you have "let it go”. You just see it.

"Fine, you saw it didn't exist - do you let it go?"

-“ Mmmmm… I'm having a hard time! Why am I having a hard time? I do know it's an illusion”.

- "Because if I take it, you will cry."

- “Why will I cry?”

For the years you lost thinking you were drinking water.

Because you have to leave the illusion and everything that is connected with it…

You have to leave a whole Life: energy, expectations, investments, relationships, persons…. And this is a lot of crying…

This is the fifth stage of Acceptance and Release.

If we all make an agreement to see the same Lie, then we will all drink from the same flask… We will (virtually) "quench" our thirst with the same "water".

That is why all those who teach about "flasks" are safe for the System.

They just compete in the same track "which flask is better".

But that’s just the Rule of the Game… It doesn’t threaten the System…

The Illusions and the Teachers of Illusion no matter how hard they compete each other, the do not pose a threat to the System - they do not bother….

But if a Teaching has the Power to prove that there is no flask, and that all this is nothing but a Lie - then we have a problem. The Game’s Rules are broken.

If I can show you that your hands are empty - we have an issue…

The Illusion is spoiled…

And If I can also give you True Water to quench your thirst….


Of course, instead of fighting over illusion (what is Truth and what is Lie) we can just find out for ourselves. A simple Prayer to God will do…

“Can you please take my Illusion today? Today. Can you? To see the Truth”?

Who does that?

And suppose you do…

If your Prayer comes from Fear or Expectation or Despair, it does not reach God.

It can only reach your Mind. And from there… no Truth can be seen!

But if the Heart asks to see, she is more receptive. She has more Trust!

If the Heart asks and drinks from the Water of the Soul, she will NEVER be thirsty again.

Badelis Aristeidis David.

The Teacher of Awareness

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